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Kantipur Nagari – Neetesh JUNG Kunwar Official Audio

Official Audio

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is back again with the new official audio song called Kantipur Nagari.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar has estated that “Kantipur Nagari’ regarding the title might not represent the majestic beauty of this place. But it surely represents the voice of a generation.

The reality of being born as a Nepali woman, the state of mind of a grown man, the spiritual truth of our existence, and the voice of a storyteller.”

Kantipur Nagari gives goosebumps from the start. The opening of the song feels like you are riding the horse, and you are for the mission.

You can also check kantipur nagari lyrics as well.

Neetesh JUNG Kunwar Kantipur Nagari [Official Audio]

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