kalo keshma relimai lyrics

Kalo Keshma Reli Mai – Alka Subedi Ft. | Dinesh Dhakal | Rajan Neupane, Shiva, Sukriti | Nepali Song

Music Video

Kalo Keshma Reli Mai – New Nepali Music Video || Ft. Alka Subedi, Dinesh Dhakal, Rajan Neupane, Shiva Thapa, Sukriti Uprety || New Nepali Official Song 2021

Right for this video is provided by Alka Subedi

कालो केशमा रेलिमई

Song: Kalo Keshma Reli Mai…

Vocal/Lyrics/Music: Dinesh Dhakal

Mixing/Music Arrange: Sardool Shrestha

Studio: Artmandu

Featuring: Alka Subedi, Rajan Neupane, Shiva Thapa, Sukriti Uprety, Dinesh Dhakal

Edit/Cinematographer: Manav Subedi

Color: Sushil Neupane

Publicity Design: Santosh Chauhan

Direction: Manav Subedi

Kalo Keshma Reli Mai Official Music Video

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